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 Halo 4 game review (by Qwertyuiopman)

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Halo 4 game review (by Qwertyuiopman) Empty
PostSubject: Halo 4 game review (by Qwertyuiopman)   Halo 4 game review (by Qwertyuiopman) Icon_minitimeWed Nov 21, 2012 4:11 am

Now I have played Halo 4 just a couple of days before. I have not played Spartan Ops yet but I played the Campaign and the Multiplayer. Before I begin the review, I want everyone to know that I am a Halo fan. I have played Halo since the Halo 2 days. I'm also not a bad Halo player. I'm a General in Halo:Reach and I often get sprees on team slayer and SWAT.

I think the Campaign is great! New enemies, new weapons, updated graphics, all of that is great. It also has a great storyline where it is mainly about Cortana instead of the Chief. I would give the campaign a 10/10. Love it.

Now to be really honest with you guys, I find the multiplayer disappointing. In this section I will go over the following and why it is a bad idea: instant spawn, ordinance drops, Customizable loadouts, health system and the points system.

Instant spawn
One of the features that Halo 4 has that the previous Halos doesn't is instant spawn, being able to spawn immediately after you die. In Halo:Reach, there are no instant spawns. Therefore you can get exterminations off the other team if you're skilled enough. When you get an extermination, you get that satisfactory feeling that barely comes. Now that there's instant spawn, how are we supposed to get exterminations?
Also instant spawn doesn't give the other player a chance for their shields to recharge. 1v1 games will be unfair because the player that got killed can just spawn immediately and take down their opponent, which has no shields.
People sometimes avoid to die because of the countdowns. The whole point of the countdowns is a punishment for dying. Now that there's instant spawn, people will not try as hard to die, making the game probably a bit less competitive.
How can there be betrayal penalties or suicide penalties if there's instant spawn?
I know that 343 is trying to speed up the game but they need to think about the consequences of instant spawn a bit more.

Ordinance drops
In all the previous Halos, the power weapons are scattered across the map. Because they are scattered, teams will fight for map control in order to keep the power weapons to themselves. A big part of Halo multiplayer is the idea of map control and being able to control the power weapons on the map. If there is Ordinance drops, then it will take away the whole idea of map control, which is a big part of Halo multiplayer. Also map control takes more skill than to just and only kill players.
This will also be unfair for beginners. If a pro gets a lot of kills against beginners, then they can just call in power weapons to get even more kills. Whereas in the previous Halos, the beginners have a chance to spawn close to a power weapon and use those to their advantage.

Customizable Loadouts
Before the match begins, you are now able to choose what weapons and armor ability you spawn with. Again, I think this is also unfair for beginners. If someone has been playing for a long time, they can just choose the better weapons they've unlocked while the beginners can only choose assault rifles and magnums. Whereas in Halo:Reach, players usually start off with the same weapons. Like in Team slayer, everyone starts off with Assault rifles and Magnums, which is more of a fair play.

Health System
In the Halo:Reach and Halo 1 health system, you can see both your shields and your health itself. In Halo 4 you can only see your shields. I think it is a better idea to be able to see your health like you could in Halo:Reach that way you know whether you can do stuff in time (finish off kills, Run if you have enough health or damage him anyway coz you're going to die). I don't see a reason of why you shouldn't be able to see your health.

Points System
In multiplayer, you can now see points pop up when you get a kill, assist or whatever you contribute to the game. I think the old points system is much better because it's much more simple and (for me at least) makes more sense. If you see a 49 to 38, then you need one more kill, it's straight forward.
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Halo 4 game review (by Qwertyuiopman)
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