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 Armor Lock

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PostSubject: Armor Lock    Sat Nov 03, 2012 5:55 pm

One thing that makes Halo Reach different to all the other halos before it is that you get different armor abilities. There is one armor ability I want to talk about, and that is Armor Lock.
So in my opinion, Armor lock is just a stupid idea. I mean it's so over-powered. First you become invincible but you cant move, fair enough, but then there's this part when you release armor lock it EMPs people. It's the EMP that makes it suck a ridiculously over-powered ability. I don't like armor lock coz it kind of stops the game. When someone armor locks, people will then have to wait him out. Which slows down the pace of the game. Like don't you hate it when you get someone down to 1-shot and then they go into armor lock? And don't you hate it when you pummel/sword/shotgun people and then use armor lock to EMP and pummel you?
What are your opinions about armor lock?
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PostSubject: Re: Armor Lock    Wed Nov 07, 2012 2:28 pm

That's the point of armor lock. shotgun, energy sword, sniperrifle, vehicle, missile launcher, all result in instant kill. the armor lock also only EMP's people dumb enough to be standing next to them when they go into armor lock... and stand there the entore 10 seconds or so that it takes to finish the armor lock. The our only problem with armor lock, is that your sheilds SHOULDN'T be recharging while your in it. the basis of armor lock is that is uses all your MJOLNIR's energy, including the power it would take to recharge the plasma shields.
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Armor Lock
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